About Us

Our mission is to build community by loving God and serving others



Our community is growing and through our church community we’re with our village residents all the way. We want to be at the centre of The Claydons’ heartbeat offering relevant services, support and providing activities fully meeting local needs pastorally with support for bereaved families.


Our vision is to become energised by faith with an outward looking focus through our regular prayers for the community. We want to experience more of God’s love, connect with life by going deeper with God and grow in and share our faith with all in our community and beyond. We host weekly prayers on Fridays and Worship evenings monthly.


We want to deeply root ourselves in our villages and partnerships, connect between faith and daily living for mission and respond to local needs through loving service. We host weekly events for all members of our community including Tuesday and Thursday Clubs in collaboration with Age UK, Cream Teas, and Film Night. We have well stocked food and toiletries cupboards for the community. 


1. To become a welcoming Christ-like church (Compassionate, Courageous and Contemplative)

2. To resource pastoral care for church members and village residents

3. To build Missionary and Outreach work with Diocesan partnership

4. To increase collaboration with Buckinghamshire Council and local community groups

5. To increase our church buildings’ community use

6. To be good stewards and guardians of resources in our care.