Youth Group

Did you know that we run a monthly youth group in this Parish for young people 11 to 18 years? It’s a friendly place where teenagers can meet to socialise, explore basic bible truths, with food and plenty of fun for all.

Recently, we invited our young people to give us some feedback, and they told us that the safe, inclusive space we provide is something that they and their parents really value. We wondered how our space could also become a great place for other young people in Calvert Green and the Claydons?

Youth work in Church has changed significantly over the years; the world is changing rapidly and young people need all the help they can get in order to cope. In church we often struggle to find ways to stay fresh and relevant for young people, before they vote with their feet. We’ve found, over many years of running our youth group, even with changing demands and needs, our young people respond to a caring, local, nurturing environment, where they can feel supported through their life-stages. These are elements that have helped them to feel they belong, and to grow together.

Our challenge now is to find ways to equip ourselves, and build on our simple, life-long values of serving and nurturing our young people, and supporting them on their journeys. We’ve got some new ideas for the year ahead, and the opportunity to bring together resources from across the Diocese which will energize and inspire our youth workers and young people alike.

So, if you’re thinking about how to support your young people, get in touch with us. Maybe our space can be a safe place to relax and escape from the challenges of school, or an alternative peer group if friendships are hard. And we’d love the chance to keep them in our prayers as they cope with life at college or university. Do let us know if there are other practical ways to include your young person in our monthly youth gathering, and how our youth work can serve you and other families across our parish.